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8.75 mi

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near Piggabeen, New South Wales (Australia)

Stating at Piggabeen Hall the track takes you along the Qld/NSW Border. Most of the track is No Man's Land - neither NSW or QLD but in between. There are 5 quite steep inclines on the hike which skirts new housing developments on the Queensland side. The turnaround point is Billabong House, the estate belonging to the family who own the surf wear company Billabong. The views from this elevation over the Gold Coast are rather spectacular. We scramble around the fence of the property to take a look from the bridge over the motorway. This access bridge was made especially for this property and its owners.

The return journey along the same track presents us with the downhill version of the steep inclines. Care should be taken as the track is rocky and slippery.


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