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near Casteil, Languedoc-Roussillon (France)

What a beautiful hike this was. It took me 6 hours to the summit, on the way up some young boars crossed my path; even a bear growled in the brush. The very best thing of this trail ist, that you are far away of the Canigou-tourists, taking the short way from Cortalets high up at 2150m. So, if you want to conquer the massif du Canigou, this way is a considerable option.
The path is well marked the whole time, fist with red paint, later yellow and the white-red-GR10 markings. All the way up to the Col de Segalès (2040m) the trails is deep in the woods, so it's a cool and shady walk. On the way are several emergency-shelters, so every time theres a nearby goal to reach on the way. Higher up in the Pla de Cady where the refuge Arago is situated you finally have the summit in your sight, even if ist's still out of reach. The last part to the summit leads over the Brèche Durier, a short passage of climbing. Besides good hiking-boots, no gear is needed. Enjoy!
PS: The best map for the area of the massif du Canigou is the carte de randonnée no. 2349ET made by the iGn (Institut Geographique National)

Col de Segalés

Here the way ends into the grandes randonnées GR10 and GR36. For the summit we are turning right, in the direction of refuge Mariailles.


Another emergency shelter built of stones found on the mountain.


Next to the trail lies an emergency shelter built of small stones.

Crossing to Abbaye St-Martin-du-Canigou

From here you could go down to the beautiful Abbaye St-Martin-du-Canigou, but for the summit the way is leading to the next shelters Cirerola and Moura.

Col de Lavent

Here is have the option to take the way down to Vernet-les-Bains, but we are turning right higher and deeper into the massif.

Crossing to Refuge Arago

Before reaching refuge Mariailles we turn left onto the path leading us to refuge Arago, situated in a nice Valley between several peaks.

Refuge Arago

We are passing the last shelter on our way to the summit, from now on without any trees alongside the path.

Brèche Durier

This is the only climbing-situation on this route. Here it is necessary to use both hands, walking sticks should be stuffed in the backpack. Mind the climbers above, sometimes loose rocks are falling down.


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