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near Bukit Bendera, Pulau Pinang (မလေးရှား)

7h:11m:46s | 20.9 km
Trail begins from Upper Station Penang Hill. Head towards Western Hill for a few kilometres along the paved road until coming to the entrance to the Bukit Laksamana Trail (see photo). It's a steep climb down to the creek bed then another steep climb upwards. The trail then decends towards Bukit Laksamana. At the lowest point you will find a trail on the left as you head west which has been partially blocked to dissuade hikers from taking a wrong turn. Take the left trail and advance south towards Penang Hill - Tiger Hill NE Trail. You will come to a large tree fall and at this point take a left down the embankment and cross over the stream and then continue south once again until emerging at the backside of a farmers house. There are a couple of dogs but they are not aggressive. Take a right and continue along the trail for some distance until coming to the trail to Tiger Hill which is on your left as you head south. Once reaching Rain Gauge 29 at the approximate top of Tiger Hill take the left side trail until reaching a T junction which is sign posted DAM. This section has a couple of very serious tree falls that require patience to get through. Black ants and thorny palms make it challenging. The entire DAM trail section is unused and is now reverting to jungle. Emerging from the forest along fallow agriculture fields, follow the trail to the road where you can either turn right and follow the road to Air Itam or the main motorcycle trail to Middle Station (watch for it on your left) or turn left and follow the track up towards the Monastery (Gotama Buddhist Monk Forestry Hermitage - name to be confirmed). Climb the stairs through the various monastery buildings until reaching a track then turn right and continue along until reaching a series of steps which continue upwards. From here it is a bit tricky to find the ongoing trail leading to Mon Sejour, a deteriorating early 20th house. Climb a couple sets of steps and look for a long piece of ribbon on your right hand side which extends down the side of a row hedge of bushes. Turning right, follow the ribbon then through tall grass until coming to a concrete lined pond (probably used for irrigation). Walk alongside the right hand side of the pond and the trial continues on far side. Ascending up a steep forest slope, which is basically a short cut for local farmers, you will come to an open field. You must pass close to the farm house in order to reach the track which leads to Mon Sejour. There are a couple of dogs which were penned at the time so try not to disturb things as you pass by. Mon Sejour was constructed in Italianate and Baroque design but is rapidly falling apart. Walk up the stairs of the house and have a look inside the large living area with a beautiful tile floor. Mon Sejour is located directly below the old Moniot Road West (see Larry Penang "Penang Hill to Tiger Hill") . See also OpenStreetMap for a better understanding of the trails in this area. See also for details on Mon Sejour.

Walk out the long driveway until coming to the access to Upper Tunnel Road. Turn right down the road until coming to the junction of Chili Trail and Brother's Bungalows which is located further down the road. Turn left and follow Chili Trail and continue on towards Middle Station. There are many side paths along the way but the main path has yellow arrow markings. Take care not to take the right trail which leads past Prosperity Temple and the southern side towards Bottom Station. Continue in a generally eastern direction until arriving at Middle Station. Follow the pedestrian overpass to the other side of the station and take the concrete path which leads uphill for a few hundred metres and then continue northeast until the trail begins to wind its way southeast towards the bottom station. This is a regular motorcycle route used by local farmers so be prepared to move off the trail when they approach from either direction. I have been advised that it is best to stand on the uphill slope side so as not to fall over the edge. There are numerous Buddhist shrines along the way and some incredible stupas mounted on large granite boulders in the nexus of the valley (see photo). Take some time to wonder around this area as it's truly amazing. Continue down the trail until reaching the main road near the Funicular Bottom Station.
  • Photo of Junction Take Left (Chili Trail)
  • Photo of Pond
  • Photo of Sitaviana Vihara
  • Photo of Station 2 (745m)
  • Photo of Stream Crossing (711m)
  • Photo of Young Ni Oo Shrine
As you climb the steps to access the pond after the monestery, you can climb the stairs beyond the right hand turn to the top where you will find the Young Ni Oo Shrine - it's in a very unexpected place and a surprise to come across.


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