12.3 mi

Elevation gain

1,775 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,253 ft

Max elevation

3,791 ft



Min elevation

2,197 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of Peaks of the Balkans, Valbone, Albania-Cerem, Albania
  • Photo of Peaks of the Balkans, Valbone, Albania-Cerem, Albania
  • Photo of Peaks of the Balkans, Valbone, Albania-Cerem, Albania
  • Photo of Peaks of the Balkans, Valbone, Albania-Cerem, Albania
  • Photo of Peaks of the Balkans, Valbone, Albania-Cerem, Albania
  • Photo of Peaks of the Balkans, Valbone, Albania-Cerem, Albania


2 hours 33 minutes




December 1, 2011


November 2011

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3,791 ft
2,197 ft
12.3 mi

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near Rrogam, Kukës (Albania)

This itinerary involves the transferring from Valbona to Çerem village. To get to Çerem one can either hire a taxi or hike along the gravel road 20 km from Fusha e Gjes Hotel (WP 12) to Çerem. The mule track – shortest way – which used to connect the two villages has been destroyed from the erosion.

People at Fusha e Gjes Hotel can help you in finding a taxi.

Çerem is a small village, already abounded, located about 17 Km NE of Valbona. At the moment it is being populated only in the summer time by shepherds. During the winter time the village is empty because of the poor condition, such as energy supply and road blocking from the snow.

The hike/drive starts at Hotel Fusha e Gjes (WP 12), located about 3.5 Km SW from Valbona center. We take NE along the main(unpaved) road which connects Rragam with Valbona. After approx. 1 km from the Hotel we cross a bridge (WP 1a). Few km after the bridge, next to the main road, is the Touristic Info center of Valbona (WP 2a), close to Valbona center (WP 3a). Most of the guesthouses and other facilities are located here. We take the main road and then, after approx. 7 Km, turn left at the junction (WP 4a) to Çerem village. The right route takes you in Dragobi and then in Bajram Curri city. We take left at the next junction (WP 5a) and we follow the gravel road. After some km we cross a stream (WP 6a) which goes through the road. We follow the unpaved road for 2 more km and then we cross the river and approach Çerem center (WP 7a).

Çerem is a good option for an overnight or taking a brake at hospitable alpine huts. We stayed at Hysen Sula house (WP 8a).

UTM waypoints:
12. 34 T 407097 4697679, 995 m, Fusha e Gjes Hotel
1a. 34 T 407468 4698259, 986 m, bridge
2a. 34 T 408260 4699582, 956 m, Valbona Touristic Info center
3a. 34 T 408772 4700569, 935 m, Valbona center
4a. 34 T 414397 4699325, 672 m, take left at the junction
5a. 34 T 413686 4700449, 798 m, take left at the junction
6a. 34 T 414761 4703230, 1058 m, stream crossing
7a. 34 T 414611 4705051, 1139 m, Çerem center
8a. 34 T 414751 4705175, 1155 m, Hysen Sula guesthouse

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  • Photo of Palmtreeproduction

    Palmtreeproduction Dec 1, 2011

    very nice. were you able to find out whether there is a trail continuing from Cerem to Montenegro? I heard that it is planned to even build a road, but don't think this will happen very soon...

  • Photo of Endrit Shima

    Endrit Shima Dec 1, 2011

    Thanks! There is a gravel road (no good conditions) connecting Cerem with Montenegro but there is not a crossing border post so I guess is not aloud to cross it by car. For the hikers the countries recently agreed to have common procedures for crossing the border through hiking paths. I heard too that is a plan to make a crossing border post there, but I don't think will happen soon neither.

  • Photo of Endrit Shima

    Endrit Shima Dec 1, 2011

    There are also trails connecting Cerem with Montenegro but we didn't have time to discover much. From Cerem we hiked to Montenegro site for a couple of km to get to Gashi valley and then up to Doberdol. I will post soon this track.

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