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near Gornyy Sadovod, Almaty Oblysy (Kazakhstan)

- Take the Medeo/Shymbulak cable car to the top (3500 Tenge pp). Start from bar 3200 at Talgar Pass.
- Climb to Peak Shymbulak and continue on the ridge. The descent towards Peak Bashuta is steep and filled with loose rock.
- Follow the ridge over Peak Bashuta untill Peak Panorama. Peak Furmonav is straight North so take the ridge on the right, and the split left 200m further.
- After Furmanov there are two main trails going to Medeo, one going straight down the valley, another following the ridge for much longer.

- Don't underestimate the altitude of 3400m. Preferably prepare with some lower acclimatization hikes.
- There is no cellphone reception for most of the hike. Take a sat phone if you value your safety.
- When doing this hike in the opposite direction, take into account the closing time of the cable car (16:30)!
- In case you arrive late at night, there will be no buses or taxis. Have a phone number of a taxi service or other pickup with you (and a powerbank).
- Clouds often form quickly around noon. Get up early if you want good views.

Talgar Pass

View from Talgar Pass and Bar 3200.

Peak Shymbulak

View at Peak Shymbulak

Peak Shymbulak


End of the ridge of Peak Shymbulak


Peak Bashuta


Peak Panorama


View at Almaty


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