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near Dixons Creek, Victoria (Australia)

A good circuit with great views to knock out some k’s in your legs. All walking on jeep tracks. As always start early and get to the bakery or pub in the arvo.

At Yarra Glen take the Old Healesville road Turning left into Paul's Lane. Continue over the aqueduct infrastructure and park in a small clearing in a tight dale. Signs are present indicating the road ahead is 4wd. The first pinch is very steep and would challenge my 4wd abilities. Anyhow, my path is on foot so I just had to deal with the tightening of muscles and breathing. Too the right are grazing lands and there is the evidence of the black Saturday fires of feb 2009 all along the range. Must have been horrific. At the top you go right and begin walking along the ridge that continues all the way to Toolangi, albeit up and down. Should you go left it goes steeply down to the valley part of the walk. This circuit means that you end up coming up to this junction and then back down to the car.

I found myself a good reliable stick for the journey and continued along. There are seasonal locked gates that keep the delinquent 4wder from destroying the tracks. At the first good high point I had good views across the valley to Yarra glen and the gap between the Dandenongs and Mt little Joe.
There are about 4 Water points on this ridge and I suspect the area is popular with trail bike riders, not sure about mountain bike riders. Pauls Creek road is followed all the way till you meet junction of Pauls Creek Track. You will feel the elevation as you walk and note the Mt St Leonard fire tower to the north, it is a constant companion. There are many tracks on your left that go down to the pauls creek in the valley below. Good water can be had from Pauls creek. I sat down to peel and orange, wash and enjoy a cup of tea.

The area is a collection zone for domestic firewood so the sound of chainsaws is common. That and motorbikes. The final pinch up “PFF” track is pretty tough with its slippery gravel surface but then you are back to the junction and down to the clearing where your car is parked.

Water point non potable

This is the first water point you come across

High Point Clearing

Good views

Clearing with views

This in one of the tracks that goes down to Pauls Creek.



A view across Private property to Chum Creek


Link Junction and Pauls Range rd


Junction Spurs trk and Pauls Range Rd


A steep section

Might be ok in a car but you need a stick for this little pinch


Not sure why this sign is here. legacy ??

Junction on the ridge

Pauls range road and Pauls creek trk

Private bridge and gate


Pauls Creek

A good spot to rest and boil the billy

Seasonal Gate

A view from the bottom of one of the tracks that lead down from the ridge.

Gate to private property

There is a small block of private freehold amongst the state forest

M&M for eva

M&M must have done some significant hand in hand walking with a texta in the area as M has left his mark for them in a few spots


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