5,228 ft
4,447 ft
5.2 mi

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near P’at’ara Tsemi, Samtskhe-Javakheti (Georgia)

Easy walk mostly along rough tracks through a lightly forested plateau.
Access by taxi from Bakuriani to Patara Tsemi station, you will be dropped at the top of the steep lane down. Taxi back from Andesiti if you don't fancy a long walk back along the road.
The route crosses the narrow gauge railway by the station at the waypoint 'rail crossing' follows an ill-defined track up the hill and across a marshy area to waypoint 'pylons' where it joins a track which follows the power line all the way to Andeziti.
The area immediately before Andeziti is attractive with a parkland meadow type of landscape.

Approx - Actual walking - Distance 8.2 km
- Time 3hr
- Stopped time 1hr 50min


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