Time  22 hours 52 minutes

Coordinates 1909

Uploaded July 30, 2018

Recorded February 2014

5,755 f
2,147 f
6.1 mi

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near El Chaltén, Santa Cruz (Argentina)

An easy but very rewading scramble to the saddle dividing Cerro Solo and Cerro Grande or, if one prefers, Glaciar Grande and Glaciar Tunel.

Incredible views on Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy.

The track starts from the southern bank of the Torre glacier, which can be accessed substantially in two ways:
- from Campamento de Agostini, crossing the tirolesa on Río Fitz Roy, at the spot where Poincenot drowned;
- from Mirador Maestri, descending to the glacier and crossing it straight from one side to the other. Since advancing past the Mirador is formally forbidden, I avoided to insert this stretch in the track...
In any case, if one has the proper equipment, the tirolesa approach is far simpler and also somewhat exciting...
I called the region covered by this track the "Halle des Bergkönigs", after Griegs Peer Gynt. Namely, without substantially mountaineering difficulties one has access to a unique mountain world. Bear in mind that isolation is extreme here, and it is better to avoid having any accident...

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