9.06 mi

Elevation gain

3,202 ft

Technical difficulty

Very difficult

Elevation loss

4,646 ft

Max elevation

5,050 ft



Min elevation

685 ft

Trail type

One Way




May 24, 2022


May 2022

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5,050 ft
685 ft
9.06 mi

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near Ascencio, Region of Magallanes (Chile)

This part of the trip is really off the beaten track – very few visitors to the park take this route and the trail is only marked by small stone towers left behind by previous hikers. We'll start by following the trail to the back of Las Torres and where the main trail continues straight we'll detour and hike to a waterfall. We'll pass over this on a stone bridge and then hike over two glacial moraines.

Finally, we'll start ascending to the Oggioni Mountain on the backside of the Silencio Valley. Once safely over the Oggioni Pass, we'll walk through a thick forest and from a distance Refugio Dickson and camp will be visible.


  • Photo of Arlei Zapelini

    Arlei Zapelini Dec 18, 2022

    ¿Necesitas un permiso para llegar al valle del silencio?

  • Photo of Chile Nativo Travel

    Chile Nativo Travel Dec 18, 2022

    Hola! Si tienes que ir con guia acreditado por conaf y pedir un permiso especial

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