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Uploaded July 15, 2017

Recorded July 2017

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75 ft
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near Piares, Faro (Portugal)

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    A humid zone of international importance, the Ria Formosa estuary is a labyrinth of canals, islands, marshland and sandy beaches that extend 60 km along the Algarve coast between the beaches of Garrão and Manta Rota.

    This diversity of eco-systems attracts a varied range of animal life including many bird species. One of the rarest species is the purple swamphen, the symbol of their Natural Park that cannot be found in any other part of the country. Visitors who would like to admire the elegant plumage of this bird and learn everything about the protected area, should start their visit in the Marim Environmental Education Centre, that will indicate the most appropriate pedestrian trails and observatories where it is possible to spy on the day-to-day activities of the various species. The Park also organises various rides in a traditional boat that was formerly used for tuna fishing.

    This trail was recorded in the Marim Environmental Education Centre, which is situated on the edge of the town of Olhão. There is a camping site just 5 minutes walking distance: https://www.sbsi.pt/atividadesindical/Servicos/ParquedeCampismo/Pages/default.aspx

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