Time  4 hours 52 minutes

Coordinates 1899

Uploaded September 4, 2017

Recorded August 2017

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2,190 ft
1,742 ft
13.27 mi

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near Osredak, Ličko-Senjska (Hrvatska)

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Undoubtedly, one of the most spectacular natural landscapes in Europe. If you visit Croatia, this is a must. There are trails for all audiences, longer, shorter, with more or less unevenness (if this last is a problem, I recommend accessing the park by the entrance 2, although the most beautiful for my taste is 1)

After paying the entrance (about 25 euros per adult), we went down to the big waterfall, and climbed a path that starts from this and leads up the canyon to the WP Embarcadero 1. From here we continue walking along the edge of the lake until reaching the area with the highest concentration of waterfalls, where the waterfalls are combined with impressive turquoise ponds (near the WP Embarcadero 2)

We continue going up the water course, crossing it several times, until we reach Entrance 3. As the path we were going to use for the descent was under construction, we chose to take an internal transport from the park that takes us to entrance 2, and from there we cross to pier 2.

After another short walk, we take the ferry back to the pier 1 (this trip can only be done once for free with the entrance), and from here we go along the edge of the lake towards the entrance 1, going up to this through the spectacular grotto that we will find on the right bank.

One last thing, the bathroom is not allowed in this park, unlike Krka's.

Embarcadero 1


Embarcadero 2


Embarcadero 3


Entrada 1


Entrada 2


Entrada 3


Gran cascada




  • Photo of urocande

    urocande Dec 3, 2017

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Buenos dias
    RUTA FANTASTICA. La he hecho este verano . El unico problema la masificacion, supongo que si no se hace en agosto como yo la hice se puede disfrutar mejor del parque nacional.

  • Photo of Fermin AZANZA 1965

    Fermin AZANZA 1965 Aug 14, 2019

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Great path Thanks !!

  • Photo of RaulGarciaFotografia

    RaulGarciaFotografia Nov 21, 2019

    Buenas!! En la web del parque pone que el precio es de poco más de 8€. Es correcto lo que pones de 25?

  • Photo of AndresAE

    AndresAE Nov 21, 2019

    El precio varía según la temporada (y bastante):

    Temporada baja (de octubre a marzo): 55 HRK
    Temporada media (abril, mayo, junio y septiembre): 110 HRK
    Temporada alta (julio y agosto): 180 HRK


  • Photo of RaulGarciaFotografia

    RaulGarciaFotografia Nov 21, 2019

    Ok, gracias por la aclaración, no me dejaba seleccionar más allá de diciembre.

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