Time  6 hours 53 minutes

Coordinates 2371

Uploaded July 28, 2018

Recorded July 2018

8,737 f
5,597 f
9.44 mi

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near Dospey Mahala, Софийска област (България)

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Surroundings: Malyovitsa Parking (Goverdarci), Rila Park, Malyovitsa River Water Bridge and Fountain, Hizha Mal'ovica Refuge, Lake Elensko, Mal'ovica Pass, Rila Monastery Fork, Dodov Brah (2663 m), Ivan Vazoh Refuge.
Technical data:
Road type: Path and Track

Distance: 15.2 KM

Total Time: 6:54 h

Movement Time: 5:22 h

Standing Time: 1:32 h

Minimum height: 1700 m

Maximum height: 2663 m

Positive Gradient: 1190 m

Negative difference: 600 m

Difficulty: High

We move to the parking lot of Malyovitsa and park the car in the parking lot. Price per day 3 cams (1.5 Euros). Next to the parking there is a path that enters through a gate in the park of Rila and whose path follows the course of the Mal'ovica river.

The first 3 km are with a slight rise, we will cross the river by a concrete bridge and we will see a couple of drinking water source, to finally reach the refuge Hihza Mal'ovica. We continue our path and from here the climb becomes more demanding, we must cross the river again this time without a bridge but by an area of ​​large blocks of stone that prevent us from getting wet. We begin to climb the river leaving behind the area of ​​pine and fir until we reach the 220 m height where before us the great walls that form the mountain appear.
The path turns to the right towards a steep slope that we must climb, at this point we must lower the pace and overcome a drop of 200 m in less than 1 km. After a hard climb we reach Lake Elensko where we find a large group of local walkers. Souvenir photo next to the lake and we continue on our way to the pass of Mal'ovica. Before arriving at the pass we made a stop to peck something and see the monastery of Rila in the background which we will visit in 2 days.

Resumed the march arriving at the hill 2663 m and we continued towards West descending until a bifurcation where it is possible to be descended by footpath to monastery of Rila. We begin to ascend towards the peak Dodov brah (2663 m) where to the north we see the Urdina lake. We begin the descent and by path we go to the Ivan Vazoh refuge which we reached after traveling about 5.5 km more.

  • Long pants and appropriate clothing (raincoat, warm or windproof clothing).
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Cap, sunglasses, sunscreen and lip protection.
  • Trekking sticks.
  • Food for the day.
  • Bring drinking water (minimum 2 liters).


Bifurcacion Monasterio de Rila

Mountain pass

Collado Mal Ovica(2663 m)

Collado Mal Ovica(2663 m)

Dodov vrah (2663 m)

Dodov vrah (2663 m)

Lago Elensko

Lago Elensko

Parking Malyovitsa


Refugio Hizha Mal'Ovica (1960 m)

Refugio Hizha Mal'Ovica (1960 m)

Refugio Ivan Vazov (2300 m)

Refugio Ivan Vazov (2300 m)

Rio e Hitos Malyovitsa


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