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Coordinates 2325

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Recorded April 2019

1,639 f
284 f
7.8 mi

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near Tomići, Zadarska (Hrvatska)

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The Paklenica National Park is well known among mountaineers and climbers, has an area of 96 km2 and is protected since 1949.

The park is located in the Velebit Mountains, whose main attraction are two impressive limestone gorges like a canyon or gorge.

It has 79 endemic species.

The first part runs through the bottom of the gorge between large limestone walls, full of climbers, then begins climbing up to a plain, and a few kilometers ahead to a refuge with bar service and starting point of different routes.
140 m altura
Kuk Od Buzeline Strane (320)
Lugarnica. Refugio
Pasjanice (350)
260 m altura


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