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near La Sal Junction, Utah (United States)

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Packrafting through one of the regions, under the 49th parallel, most remote of the United States, route made between the end of February and the beginning of March 2017. It was 8 magical days, with my classmates and friends Edu and José Peñate., Always alone , we meet no one until we get to the car.

The original idea is from Forrest McCarthy, http://forrestmccarthy.blogspot.com.es/2014/04/packrafting-guide-to-southern-utah.html.
But above all we have to thank our good friend Moe (http://www.planetapackraft.com/2015/01/articulo-entrevista-con-moe-witschard.html) for all his help.
Route in the form of 8, of 140 km, descending the Colorado and Green rivers (80 km) and walking through the areas of Maze, Needles and Indian Creek Wilderness Area (80 km).

The descent of the rivers was simple, there are no rapids in this area called Flatwater, but there are areas difficult to walk and with a high risk of falling.

Logistics before arriving:
We flew to Las Vegas (7h) and there we rented a 4x4, we went through the Grand Canyon and through Monument Valley before arriving at Canyonlands. There is less distance by car if you fly to Salt Lake City (4h) or Denver (5.5h), careful in winter with road closures.
It is not necessary to rent a 4x4 but in winter there is a chance of snowstorms.
If you travel to the United States to do this route, I recommend that you order the food from Amazon and send it to the hotel or a locker to pick it up when you arrive, thus saving time.
Being a National Park you must request permits and comply with specific regulations for packrafting trips, for more information: https://www.nps.gov/cany/planyourvisit/packrafting.htm

Logistics of the route:
Leave the backpacks in Indian Creek Fall Campground, by Lock Hart Rd and that one or two take the car until the end point of the route, Elephant Hill, Canyonlands. There we will leave the car with the permit number visible, we will hitchhike back to where our partner is, starting point, on weekends or holidays there are more people and therefore easier to take them.
The water in the rivers carries large amounts of sediment, it is advisable to carry a filter by gravity that can be washed when it begins to filter slowly.

- We will continue on foot along Lockhart Rd until we reach the height of Indian Creek, some cairns will indicate the point of descent to stream. This ravine, Indian Creek, 30 km, is usually dry, unless it has rained the days before, there is to take the necessary water.
- At the end we will find a jump that we can not pass, there is an escape to the left, with small landmarks that will indicate the exit. Now we must continue, with some intuition, skirting Indian Creek up to where we can descend, at the convex point of the meander.
- There is a large camping area on the right side of the mouth of Indian Creek with the Colorado River.
- The descent of the Colorado is calm, without any type of rapids, although the day we did it was hard because of the strong wind in the opposite direction. We sail to La Confluencia with the Green River and there we continue, until we reach Spanish Bottom, before Cataract Canyon. We must leave in river on the right, some stairs carved in a trunk will indicate the exact point (Waypoint Stairs). There are several plains for camping looking for one protected from the wind.
- From Spanish Bottom we will ascend to Doll House, there we can find water in the natural pools if it has rained the days before, the next point with water is at the final junction of the Route Route and Pete Mesa Route.
- After Dool House we will follow a track to Chimney Rock, a longer, safer alternative, it would be to go through the marked paths on the map.
- From Chimney Rock, by recommendation, we continue on Pete Mesa Route.
- You have to go back through the Plug Route to the pictograms of Harvest Scene, a must visit.
- Without backpacks, we visited Maze Overlook and climbed to the highest point, spectacular view.
- Continue through Horse Canyon until you reach the top of the Green River, if you follow the track it is easy to find the access to the Green River (it cost us noon to find it).
- We will arrive at Spanish Bottom, again, from there to Red Lower Canyon until we get to Elephant Hill where we have the car.

Canyonlands National Park Trail Map (#210), 1:70.000
Maze District: Canyonlands National Park Trail Map (#312), 1:35.000

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Water seeps through the rocks, you can also find small rivulets around
Look for a ladder made in a trunk to leave the river. Look for a wood stair!


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