4,801 ft
2,123 ft
4.64 mi

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near Kami-shiroai, Hokkaido (Japan)

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The best walk of the Akan NP and one of the best of all Hokkaido. The ascent and the views of this active volcano are simply impressive, with its different smoking craters, colorful lakes, and views over the surrounding lakes.
The climb is continuous, stony, but has no technical difficulty. There are several ways to go up or down, in this case we take the ascent that leaves the onsen, and we return by the road that ends next to Lake Onneto.
The climb during the first part is through a dense and beautiful forest, little by little the size of trees goes down, until the views of the park appear. The last part is through a sandy and disembodied area from where you can contemplate views that leave you speechless.
Highly recommended this tour.


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