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Recorded February 2008

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near Lathbury, England (United Kingdom)

Ouse Valley Way
Section 5
Newport Pagnell to Turvey

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River Ouse at Newport Pagnell View looking upstream from bridge towards weir.
View looking North-West from Sherington Bridge 9 February 2008 P2098046.JPG
The Ouse Valley Way goes beside the hedge on the left. It crosses the stile and heads across the next field towards Sherington Church. 9 February 2008 P2098050.JPG
The Ouse Valley Way turns left at this point down Water Lane, which starts at the white road markings in this photograph P2098053.JPG
Having left Water Lane, Sherington, this path leads back towards the River Ouse, en route to Tyringham. 9 Feb 2008 P2098057.JPG
Pass through the edge of thiss small ancient wood. P2098058.JPG
This is a "Newark" wind pump near Fences Farm, Tyringham. It appears to be in a workable condition, but judging by the brambles around the base, it is disused. P2098061.JPG
The Ouse Valley Way runs beside these trees. 9 Feb 2008 P2098066.JPG
The path here is between the horse ride and the hedge P2098081.JPG
The Parish Church of Olney, dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul. This church is believed to have been founded in 1018, but most of it dates from the 14th century. The spire is 185 feet (56.5 m) tall and houses 8 bells. P2098110.JPG
Footbridge over ditch P2098127.JPG
Brayfield House, Cold Brayfield, Bucks P2098143.JPG
River Ouse and Turvey House

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  • Photo of Keith

    Keith Feb 11, 2008

    I walked this section of the route on 9 Feb 2008. The weather was superb, cold to start with frost and ice on puddles, but it soon warmed up. There was no breeze and for the middle third of this route I walked without a shirt.

    The waypoints locate some of the photos I took - any missing ones will be coming soon.

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