Time  3 hours 30 minutes

Coordinates 1224

Uploaded August 8, 2017

Recorded August 2017

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3,243 ft
2,374 ft
5.74 mi

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near Orgeix, Occitanie (France)

This really is a very beautiful walk.

We started this walk in Orgeix and the views from here are amazing. especially towards Orlu.

The first part of the walk is lovely, alongside the river L'Oriege, following the GR 107 all the way into the centre of Ax Les Thermes. You start out at 800m. and the part to Ax Les Thermes remains more or less at this heighth.

After crossing the old N20 the track becomes a narrow road,which, while passing Les Tilleuls, becomes a track again leading up to the Rocher de La Vierge which provides you with a splendid view across the city and the mountainsides above it.

After the steep descent we circulated a little through the old centre of the town before continuing 'La Porteille d'Orgeix'.

After crossing the old N20 again a road climbs steeply towards Entre Serres after which it becomes a beautiful track again.

On this part of the track you will see twice a junction indicating a track that will lead you to Sarrat de l'Etang, an orry situated at 1120metres.

We continuedthe wonderfully shaded track towards the hamlet of Fournit at 940m. and shortly before you reach that you will have a very nice view of Ascau, situated at 1040m.

The track goes up a little more to 990 m..when you arrive at La Porteille, from which point you will see the valley. What follows is a beautiful descent giving you many splendid views up to the moment that you reach Orgeix again.



Lac de Campaudeil


Picknick benches


Follow the GRP Ax


Rocher de la Vierge


View Ax Les Therme


Place Roussel


View Rocher de la Vierge


Picknick place

Entre Serres

View Ascou


Porteille d'Orgeix 990m


View Orgeix


View back to La Porteille d'Orgeix


  • chon ferrer Oct 8, 2018

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    Tramos de carretera secundaria y población, zona boscosa monótona, vistas bonitas antes de iniciar el descenso a Ordeix,

  • Arthur Mendiburu May 6, 2021

    Itinéraire sympa ! Je vous déconseille de le faire dans l'autre sens, la dernière descente est assez raide dans un petit chemin caillouteux, bien plus simple à la montée qu'à la descente !
    Cette rando passe par le centre Ax-Les-Thermes, ou vous pouvez vous restaurer : Boulangerie artisanale avec des produits du coin ouverte même pendant le confinement, restos... (eux sont fermé jusqu'a la fin de la COVID !)
    De beaux points de vue !

  • Photo of DinkSmallwood

    DinkSmallwood May 6, 2021

    Thanks for your reaction and advice!

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