Time  3 hours 52 minutes

Coordinates 294

Uploaded June 1, 2010

Recorded May 2010

560 f
-86 f
5.8 mi

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near Fretheim, Sogn og Fjordane (Norway)

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This hike is in 2 parts. Climb a path to a point of view on the waterfall and the valley. Small road little used until the church (old Flaam). We advise to rent bikes near the tourist office (250 NOK ~ 25 € for 24h), to continue the ride in the valley towards Myrdal.
It is also possible to take the train Flamsbana (departure every 80min, 340 NOK A / R). You can climb to Myrdal, begin the descent by walking to an intermediate station to return by train.
Tourist place. Tourist Office, parking, shops, train departure, bike rental ...
Sentier escarpé. Prévoir des bonnes chaussures.

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