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Uploaded June 10, 2010

Recorded June 2010

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near Elephant Crossing, British Columbia (Canada)

A rugged undeveloped coastline hammered eternally by the open Pacific. Settled by Danish immigrants in 1897 and later abandoned, the mist has reclaimed these lands. Wolf, bear and cougar live amongst these beaches and trees now. Elusive guardians, waiting, watching.

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  • Photo of Across Canada Trails

    Across Canada Trails Jun 28, 2010

    Hi, Would you be able to donate this GPS track to OpenStreetMap.org? Alot of it is already on the NRCan Topo maps so it will be included in OSM, but would be great to further define exactly the route of this awesome trail!
    I have listed the Park Boundary, as you can see, so this also helps trail users.

  • Photo of Ecospirit.ca

    Ecospirit.ca Jun 28, 2010

    Samvekemans go ahead and use the track for Openstreetmap, the trails showing on the can topo maps east of Nissen Bight are old overgrown tracks and would be more accurate as a trail guide if removed completely or stored as a historical document. It tends to run inland more than the North Coast Trail although the two do converge in a couple areas.

  • dalewk Apr 10, 2012

    Thanks for some really useful info. Planing on doing the hike in June.

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