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near Fedje, Hordaland (Norway)

The hike starts at the ferry dock. First, walk to the church, then to the shop, then follow the road to "Mulen", until you see a road going to the left called "Tresneset". The trail starts at Tresneset. It can be wet sometimes, so be aware of that. The trail is not hard, and it's very flat (Highest point is 35 m). After some minutes, you choose the right trail going to Fyrsundet. It's a nice view to the ocean all the time and you go through preserved areas. There is a landmark situated on Opetveitsvarden, the highest point. When you meet the road again, you are close to Hellisøy Fyr, which is a lighthouse. Then you eventually follow the road back to the ferry dock.
Hellisøy Lighthouse was established in 1855. It's 32,3 meters high, and it was used in the Norwegian movie "SOS Svartskjær" as Svartskjær. The movie had a great success in Norway in the beginning of 2008. In 1992, the lighthouse became automatic. It has been preserved since 2000. In January 2007, the ship "Server" sank there. That made an huge oil emission. There is a great view from the top. It's possible to see all the coast between Bergen and Utvær in a panoramic view. In the summer it's possible to stay overnight in the white houses.


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