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Uploaded August 20, 2018

Recorded August 2018

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near Nikkō, Tochigi (Japan)

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Nikko - 日光 市 - Jakko - 寂光 の 滝 2018-08-14 9:32

From Tokyo, it can be reached with just over two hours by train to Nikko, I would say that it is his "Montserrat". A place full of temples (we had seen many ...) and surrounded by mountains.

The idea was to visit this town, some of its temples and make a short route through its mountains. In the view of the wikilocouple tracks sebastien.picard (a real expert in Japan and to which I must thank him for his advice) we went to a small part of a route that happens next to the waterfall named Jakko . This beautiful path runs up to the Nyoho (2,483 m.) And the Dishishan (2,455 m.) And then you can go down another path along the circular route. An additional option is to visit the waterfalls of Shiraito, which are the most visited because they are behind the temples, closer to Nikko.

The truth is that it was a very entertaining day, we have traveled by train directly from the Shinjuku station to Nikko in the morning and returning the same (with a supplement of 2,000 yen if you have the JR Pass)

A good part of the route is asphalt, but practically no cars. Then, by the mountain, we have not found anyone. He made us a good night out at halfway, but this time we had a cap and a rain protection (the forecast was already announced). At the beginning of the path we have crossed a deer, many frogs jumped in front of us and they have accompanied us hundreds of dragonflies constantly - we had so many and so many to play.

Health and Legs !!
Train stop

Nikko (Estació)

14-AGO-18 8:26:41
Sacred architecture


14-AGO-18 3:24:07
Sacred architecture


14-AGO-18 4:01:00
Sacred architecture

Salt d'aigua Jakko - Temple

14-AGO-18 4:09:21
Sacred architecture

Arbre petita capelleta

14-AGO-18 4:53:56

Punt de tornada (corriol a Mount Nyoho)

14-AGO-18 5:08:00
Sacred architecture

Roca Petita capelleta

14-AGO-18 6:14:03
Sacred architecture

Temples Nikko

14-AGO-18 7:21:28


  • Photo of montagut

    montagut Aug 26, 2018

    Alguna "pedrota" digna d'esment.

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Aug 27, 2018

    Realment montagut, a Nikko ja teníem les forces baixes (després de tants de dies a munt i a vall) però és un lloc que val la pena caminar de bon matí i fer algun dels cims que tens a la vista.
    Salut i Cames!!

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