• Photo of Newtyle to Glamis
  • Photo of Newtyle to Glamis
  • Photo of Newtyle to Glamis

Coordinates 166

Uploaded August 29, 2011

Recorded August 2011

1,112 f
240 f
9.85 mi

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near Newtyle, Scotland (United Kingdom)

29-AUG-11. Easy parking in Newtyle. Unreliable bus service back - best to get a Forfar taxi - take numbers with you. Nice waymarked path up Kilpurney Hill (not shown on any OS map), then the route follows informal paths, with no fences to climb over. Look at the Angus Council website to see the Core Paths, not shown on the 1:50000 map, although even in the gaps between then there were good, fairly dry paths. Even the area unattractively called 'Boggy Seat' on the 1:25000 map was OK. We went wrong later when going north towards Wester Denoon on the track shown on the map as a vehicle track. It becomes boggy and unclear - make plenty of waypoints to keep you right.


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