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Uploaded September 12, 2013

Recorded September 2013

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near New Mills, England (United Kingdom)

[EN] Starting at Newtown (at the Swan) and go walking to the Lyme Park.

There are a lot of public paths that crosses private properties and you can cross them always keeping closed the gates.
Once in the Lyme Park I visited the lantern, the cage and the fantastic gardens. You have to pay something (about 7£) to visit the gardens but it's worth it.

If you want to visit this places and need a place to stay just ask me, I can recommend you a good place.


[ES] Una ruta de Newtown caminando hacia el Lyme Park.

Hay un montón de caminos públicos donde cruzas propiedades privadas donde no hay problemas por pasar siempre que mantengas las puertas cerradas.
Una vez en el Lyme Park visité los edificios lantern y the cage i los fantásticos jardines. Tienes que pagar algo para entrar a visitar los jardines (sobre unas 7£) pero vale la pena.

Si tienes planes para visitar esta zona y quieres saber donde puedes alojarte pregúntame y te recomendaré un buen lugar.

Dutch Garden (Lyme Park)

Lime Avenue (Lyme Park)

Lyme Park

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The Swan in New Mills
Look out!
Leaving Gritstone Trail
Drake Carr Cottage
Millennium Wood
Black Rocks
Wings Cheshire Private School Entrance
Little lake
Dissop Head Farm
Keep the gates closed!
Park Wall
Wall that keeps the forest in one side
The Lantern
Deer Sanctuary
The Cage
Estate Yard (Private)
For ever, for everyone
Lime Hall entrance
Lime Hall
You need tiket to enter (about 7 pounds)
West Terrace Fountains View
Look down onto the Dutch garden
Punp House
Lime Avenue
Formal Beds
Herbaceous Borders
The Rose Garden
Wyatt Garden
Hampers Bridge
Rhodonendron Walk
Killtime ravine
Rough Cascade Waterfall
Dutch Garden
Vicary Gibbs
Picnic area
Timber Yard
Children's Park
A place that for some reason I like it very much.
Crossing point
Horse Coppice Reservoir
Take care
Lyme Park East Lodge Entrance
Alternative path


  • Photo of 850sport

    850sport Sep 17, 2013

    Good trail and impressive photos.

    Thanks for sharing chondo :)

  • Photo of Xondu

    Xondu Sep 18, 2013

    Thank you 850sport. It has been my first flight to UK and I'm going to return soon. It's a great place to stay but in the hills you have to be prepared for possible weather changes.

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