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near Newborough, Wales (United Kingdom)

This easy and pleasant walk takes you through Newborough Forest, on the tidal island Ynys Llanddwyn, on the beach along Llanddwyn Bay and past the dunes of Newborough Warren. On Ynys Llanddwyn and from the edge of Newborough Warren you have spectacular views of the Snowdon Mountains and the Llŷn Peninsula. The beach close to Ynys Llanddwyn is sandy and bringing swimwear can be recommended with good weather. Only at (very) high tides the Ynys Llanddwyn becomes an island, a few hours any day at most.
The walk starts on a parking lot on Church Street in Newborough. You follow a footpath past a church through the fields until you get to the edge of the forest. In the forest you follow paths, trim tracks, cycle tracks and gravel roads towards the sea. When you get to the beach you turn right towards Ynys Llanddwyn. The island is connected to the mainland at all but the highest tides. West of the isthmus connecting the island to the mainland the surf is generally a bit better than on the east side. On the island you follow marked paths till the tip of the island, where you find a lighthouse, pilot’s cottages, a small tower and a beach. On the way back you pass a celtic cross close to the ruins of a church. From the island you walk back along the beach until you get close to the beach parking lot where you follow duckboard through the sand dunes onto the parking. From the parking you take a path through the dunes towards Newborough Warren, which boasts one of the largest and finest dune systems in Britain. You follow a path on the edge of the dunes and the forest back towards Newborough. At a gate where you can also turn right towards Abermenai Point you turn left on a track through the fields. After about 700 m you turn right on a public footpath which takes you through stiles and fields (with cows) back to Newborough.
There are no facilities on the hike except for toilets on the beach parking. In Newborough itself you can find cafés, inns and shops. The hike was inspired by and is almost the same as walk 14 in the German-language book “Rother Wanderführer: Wales – Die schönsten Küsten- und Bergwanderungen”.
Here you start walking on a path on the edge of the forest and Newborough Warren. This is one of the largest and finest dune systems in Europe according to the website https://naturalresources.wales/out-and-about/places-to-go/north-west-wales/newborough-warren-ynys-llanddwyn-national-nature-reserve/?lang=en. Wild horses roam the dunes.
Beach is sheltered with forest and dunes .
Church with cemetery at the start of the walk. Next tot the church is a site where an excavation site is of the castle of the only Welsh King, Llys Rhosyr. You cannot access the site from the track.
Celtic cross. Close by are ruins of a church.
Here you walk on a duckboard path through the sandy dunes.
Here, except at (very) high tide, there is an isthmus connecting Ynys Llanddwyn with the mainland. There are rocks here on the beach. The beach west of the isthmus has more surf than the beach east of the isthmus which is sheltered by island. When we left (see one of the photos) water had just overflown the isthmus making Ynys Llanddwyn an island.
Lighthouse on Ynys Llanddwyn. Beautiful setting with spectacular views of the Snowdon Mountains and Llŷn Peninsula, a rocky island with cormorants just off-shore, and the island and Newborough Forest in the background. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Llanddwyn_Island_Lighthouse for more information.
Llanddwyn Island, Ynys Llanddwyn, a mixture of rocks, cliffs, dunes and beach. See https://naturalresources.wales/out-and-about/places-to-go/north-west-wales/newborough-warren-ynys-llanddwyn-national-nature-reserve/?lang=en and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ynys_Llanddwyn for more information.
Here you enter Newborough Forest, a large forest with a variety of trails (nature, geology, jogging, biking paths, etc.). Mostly firs and closer to Newborough the forest is a bit more mixed.
Here you find the Pilot's Cottages. There is an unstaffed museum and information centre in the Pilots’ Cottages on Ynys Llanddwyn which is open occasionally during July and August. Closeby you find an old cannon, and another tower.
This public footpath takes you first to a farm on a broad track, and then through stiles onto fields, with livestock.


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