Moving time  3 hours 36 minutes

Time  5 hours 52 minutes

Coordinates 3526

Uploaded November 23, 2018

Recorded November 2018

5,120 f
1,100 f
9.7 mi

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near Glendhu, Otago (New Zealand)

We started hiking at 3:40 am to get to the top at dawn.
The start is already challenging, and there are almost no flat zones in the whole track at all. Really hard to get to the viewpoint, we were able to get there just a little while after dawn.
The climb to the peak is quite dangerous if not done in summertime or of windy (narrow, wet passages) but is feasible if you take it easy. We were not very lucky as there were clouds up there.
The views of the last part of the track are really incredible and the track is totally worth it, though we got back to the park really tired and with really hurting knees. We forgot the poles and I really think they would have made a difference here. Start early or prepare for the crowds - on our way back there were huge amounts of hikers just starting off (it hurts watching people hiking up with standard shoes, shorts and t-shirts, by the way. Please prepare yourself a little bit, it is not a walk by the beach)
Anyway, love you New Zealand!!!


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