Time  6 hours 34 minutes

Coordinates 498

Uploaded June 9, 2016

Recorded June 2016

1,526 f
1,047 f
3.64 mi

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near Netiv HaLamed He, Jerusalem (Israel)

Netiv HaLamed He
Park 1
קב חירבאות מפנה דרומי
צומת 1-דרך בנויה
קודם-מבט לדרם
Feel entrance
Lookout & entrance
Crossrd 2
Rd on Cave situation
Cis w. Shoket
Sense f place
Whole site lookout
Oak stop
Cis system &swale
Working cis system
Shaded stoppoint by cis sys
Intersec entrance
Grave on rd intersection
Almond stopnt
Carob shade
Carob shadespot
Rng system
Unyouvhed rocky slipe
Carob shafe spot
view of the neighbourhood
See neihjbor
Roafs Fork
Dic on rd nr mosaic
4rm strvt fork
On the road saddle top of agri valley
Old almond on road
Grave maadefa
South to wrst limits
Fence bluelinr west
Pine protect
Fence limit on road
Cis fountain
Blue line
Blue line nr rd
Blue line. Mr rd
Fence line
Intersec nrd
East panorama
From vslley to east skyline
Top of nacropo
Yo soitheast


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