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Coordinates 1078

Uploaded September 15, 2019

Recorded September 2019

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8.64 mi

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near Elst, Utrecht (Nederland)

This track makes use of two ferries crossing the beautiful Nederrijn, with regular services every day of the week.

For getting you across as a foot passenger you need a ticket at around 0.50 to 1 euro.
The first ferry takes you from the village of Elst to the other side Geldersweert / Betuwe in the province of Gelderland via Ingense Veer.
The track then turns right at a crossroads to follow Rijnbandijk.
From the Veerweg mooring point near Eck and Wiel you return to the province of Utrecht and take the road to Amerongen that's right in front of you.

Lovely walk with lots of extensive views towards Utrechtse Heuvelrug, across pastures and waters.

An interesting part of this track (after crossing back to the province of Utrecht ) is Amerongse Bovenpolder, from the road to Amerongen you'll find it on your left hand side.
NB This western part of Amerongse Bovenpolder is only open from April 1st to October 1st. The other half of the year it's inaccessible unfortunately, so you have to skip this.
If you just continue on the road to Amerongen you'll find yourself back on track.

(For your information, the eastern part of Amerongse Bovenpolder, on your right hand side, is open from October 1st to April 1st. )

This track also includes a walk through the Amerongen castle gardens, which was free on Monument Day, but usually requires a ticket at around 4.50 euros.

An alternative could be to walk around the castle on a kind of dike which starts on your right hand side, nearly opposite the spot where we turned left into Amerongse Boven polder. Just continue along the road a little further, until you see the castle moats with the tree-lined dikes.

The final part is along "Onderlangs" and presents another highlight: a viewing platform with information on all the different species in this area.

All in all, a walk well worthwhile !

Knooppunt 77


Knooppunt 76

Information point

Amerongse Bovenpolder west


Amerongen castle


Limes watch tower / viewing platform

A viewing platform overlooking waters and pastures.

Molen 't Wissel



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