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Technical difficulty   Moderate

Time  5 hours 9 minutes

Coordinates 775

Uploaded July 5, 2015

Recorded July 2015

4,690 f
2,761 f
7.3 mi

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near Vrh Polja (Montenegro)

Starts near Lovcen. The first part is overgrown, but still a trail. It's easy and you'll pass some ruins from where there's a nice view of Skadar Lake and much more. Then comes a short segment (the one with Hugo's cave and a second nearby cave) that isn't really a trail anymore. It was in my map, but it's so overgrown, you can't follow it without GPS. I use Osmand app for navigation. On this segment you'll have to scramble a bit, but nothing difficult.
You'll also have to find your way through the vegetation. It will slow you down, but it was our favorite part. Then comes the third segment. It isn't so much fun, because it's walking on an old rocky path and I find it unpleasant. But there are interesting things to see (old paddies and enclosures). You'll make a little detour to see the last cave. From it you'll get to asphalt and walk back to the starting point. The first two parts are partly shadowed, forested. We've found lots of delicious wild strawberries and it's full of butterflies. I say "moderate" only because of the second segment.


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