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Uploaded August 20, 2018

Recorded August 2018

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near Nara-shi, Nara (Japan)

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Nara - 奈良 市 2018-08-10 9:57

Near Osaka and Kyoto we find the population of Nara, for many years capital and World Heritage Sites by Unesco. It has beautiful temples, the largest Buddha statue that exists, an enormous deity of Sika deer in all the city parks that are manyacs.

This route combines the visit to the gardens and temples of the city (very touristy) and a route to see forests (the trees are monumental), the waterfall of Yingndlong (larger than it may seem), with beautiful gorges and very hidden temples (with much less people than those of Nara city). To make this route you will have to pay the entrance to the park (which is symbolic).

Once again, the heat was suffocating and precautions must be taken (hat, good shoes and water).

I see that the GPS has diverted some meters in the final part following the stream, do not worry, all the way is basically by track and the final stretches are the prettiest ones and there is no loss possible.

Health and Legs !!
10-AGO-18 9:31:01
Great Buddha Hall (Daibutsu-Den)
10-AGO-18 5:45:17
10-AGO-18 5:55:24
Residential road
10-AGO-18 6:22:59
10-AGO-18 6:31:29
10-AGO-18 6:40:16
10-AGO-18 6:46:25
10-AGO-18 6:52:23
10-AGO-18 7:02:32
10-AGO-18 7:25:18
10-AGO-18 7:31:30
10-AGO-18 7:34:29
10-AGO-18 7:55:26
10-AGO-18 8:04:44
10-AGO-18 8:12:15
10-AGO-18 8:16:36
10-AGO-18 8:38:23


  • Photo of montagut

    montagut Aug 26, 2018

    Un lloc paradisiac, sembla que tot te un ordre.
    Salut amic!!

  • Photo of capita haddock

    capita haddock Aug 27, 2018

    Hi montagut, Nara té una part molt i molt turística, però (com sempre al Japó) fas uns pocs metres i trobes uns boscos, uns salts d'aigua, una flora i una fauna increïbles.
    Salut i Cames!!

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