8.93 mi

Elevation gain

217 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

217 ft

Max elevation

149 ft



Min elevation

19 ft

Trail type





October 20, 2020


October 2020

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149 ft
19 ft
8.93 mi

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near Ravenswood, England (United Kingdom)

CAUTION: Two crossings of the A14.

Start from Orwell Country Park, TM 19039 40960.
Head east along the access road using the parallel footpath.
At the A1189, turn right, SE, towards the A14.
Head SE under the A14 via two roundabouts. Take care with the slip roads.
Continue SE along a quiet lane towards Nacton.
After a left bend, at a T junction, turn right, SE, towards the Nacton Picnic Site.
Just before the gated entranced to the picnic site, turn left, east, into woodland.
Head east through the woods, stream left.
Turn right onto tarmac for 45 metres.
Turn left, NE, off the tarmac onto a path, fence left.
Just before another tarmac road, turn left, NW, away from the tarmac road, fences both sides.
Go through a gate and continue NW across grazing.
Follow the meadows NW or north. The location of the path in not always obvious.
These meadows may be extremely wet. There are springs.
Follow the perimeter on higher ground and even then, expect wet feet.
Drop down near the stream and west through a gate into a woodland path.
Pass a rather wonderful garden (Manor Ponds) and continue west.
Emerge onto a better track, north and later NW, Amberfield School left.
Cross a road and continue on a footpath into woodland passing the Paupers' Burial Ground and Stone.
After the woods, turn right, NW, and head to the A14 crossing. Take care!
The A14 north bank is overgrown with gorse, broom and pine and the path was hard to locate.
After the A14, continue NW towards the railway crossing.
Go through a pedestrian gate and cross the single track railway. Take care.
After a second gate and an alley heading north, emerge onto the A1156.
Head west towards Ipswich along this busy road for a few metres.
Cross at the island and head north along Elmham Drive, a private road.
The road dwindles to a footpath. Head a little east of north across an open field.
Continue north on a woodland path.
Cross Bucklesham Road, tarmac, and continue north.
At Purdis Farm Lane, turn left, west, towards Ipswich.
Merge with Bucklesham Road and continue west for 350 metres to an alley and footpath.
Turn left, SW, along the alley. At Woodrush Road, turn right, west and later SW.
Follow a footpath south to the A1156. Turn left, SE, along this busy road.
Cross at the traffic lights and continue SE.
At the roundabout, turn right, south and soon SW along Ransomes Way.
At the next roundabout, continue SW still along Ransomes Way.
At the next roundabout, continue SW along Ravenswood Avenue.
At yet another roundabout, continue ahead, now west.
Turn right, north, along a path leading to a large almost circular green.
Head to the SW exit from the green and head SW along paths parallel with Downham Boulevard.
Head SW across a circle of parkland and continue SW towards a man-made conical hill.
Veer left and follow the path, hillock right. Head south back to the car park.

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Car park

Ipswich Bridge Wood, TM 18794 40829

Car park

TM 21990 39178, Nacton Picnic Site

Car park

Nacton Picnic Site

Car park

Orwell Country Park, TM 19039 40960

  • Photo of Orwell Country Park, TM 19039 40960
  • Photo of Orwell Country Park, TM 19039 40960
Orwell Country Park, TM 19039 40960


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