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Time  6 hours 13 minutes

Coordinates 1651

Uploaded August 22, 2011

Recorded August 2011

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2,528 f
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near Sørvågen, Nordland (Norway)

From the top you can see steep rocky Lofoten mountains with rests of snow, lakes, sea, ... What else to add? :)


  • Photo of @JaviArguelles

    @JaviArguelles Jun 18, 2015

    Do you think is a good place to sleep in a tent? We are planning our trip in Lofoten and Im looking for special places to sleep? Thanx for your advices!!

  • Photo of janrybicka

    janrybicka Jun 30, 2015

    Hi! If you are backpacking, there are enough places to sleep around this track. I remember places near lake at the begining and several places places in the midpart.
    If you need build a tent near your car it is a little bit more complicated at Lofoten, but I remember beautiful place near Uttakleiv village.

  • Photo of @JaviArguelles

    @JaviArguelles Jul 1, 2015


  • bret62 Aug 7, 2015

    We did hike in July and there was some snow.
    We did the trip twice because it was so much beautiful

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