• Photo of Pont bambú
  • Photo of Munduk waterfall
  • Photo of Cascada 2

Time  4 hours 19 minutes

Coordinates 593

Uploaded July 4, 2017

Recorded July 2017

3,150 f
2,323 f
3.95 mi

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near Taman, Provinsi Bali (Indonesia)

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03-07-2017. Easy afternoon stroll. I advise to do it as we did it, starting down and in a clockwise direction. First you will find the Munduk Waterfall, and at the start they will pay you 10,000 rp / person. In the second cascade, there is a plaster to pay, but we went there in the afternoon and there was no one.
The last part of the track is in the middle of a high-class spring, you have to go through the bungalows to get out on the road!
  • Photo of Pont bambú
Pont bambú
  • Photo of Munduk waterfall
La guixeta per pagar està a la sortida, venint d'aquest costat
  • Photo of Cascada 2
Cascada 2


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