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Uploaded October 7, 2018

Recorded October 2018

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near El Mtaïn, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

We started our hike near Mtein municipality. Our objective was to reach Falougha "lakes" following the LMT section 16 and then come back to Mtein by another route via Jouar el Houz. Long stairs and a trail will lead you to the valley where you cross an old bridge before starting your ascent to Bzebdine through a pine forest. You will reach first "Natureland", a beautiful camping and outdoor activities site. Follow the LMT signs to continue your walk in Bzebdine. The hike here is unpleasant because you will encounter lot of new constructions and you will be walking on some asphalt roads. At some point, you will be walking through pine forests. Lot of hunters are encoutered at this time of the year shooting at birds of any kind :( When we arrived to Falougha lakes, we were disappointed because most of them were dry at the end of summer and we couldn't any beautiful pictures there. We left the LMT trail to the left (the normal section 16 continues up to Sohat water factory).

After a lunch break at the lakes, we made a turn around the lakes and we found our way down where we found a cave(?). (THIS PART OF STEEP DESCENT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS).
It you want to stay on the trail, just leave the LMT to the left before arriving to the waypoint where we left the LMT (There is a trail leading you to Jouar el Houz).
After the steep descent, we reached a trail (See waypoint). To avoid entering the town of Jouar el houz, we turned to the left and we crossed the road to follow a dry riverbed. The trail here is unclear but you will find a footpath. At some point, we found "fresh" markings of LMT and we knew that this will be soon the new LMT section 16 trail. This newly marked trail is one of the most beautiful trails passing through beautiful forests and offering magnificient views. After reaching the valley, we continued on the new LMT till we reached the point of intersection of the old and new sections. From there, nearly the same route to the starting point.
I highly recommend the new trail from Falougha to Mtein in both ways.
Follow LMT signs
Dry riverbed (Beirut river)
Bungalows and campsite + activities
Go left
The LMT continues towards Soha Village resort
Watch your steps
No clear trail
Amazing trail!
Way down to the valley
Watch your steps


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