• Photo of Mt Kokhta
  • Photo of Mt Kokhta
  • Photo of Mt Kokhta
  • Photo of Mt Kokhta

Time  4 hours 26 minutes

Coordinates 823

Uploaded December 9, 2014

Recorded July 2014

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7,068 ft
5,546 ft
4.85 mi

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near Bakuriani, Borjomis Raioni (Georgia)

Ascent of Mt Kokhta from Bakuriani.

Most of the walk is on tracks or well defined paths, steep ascent through grassland to the summit.
Good view of Bakuriani caldera from summit, flowers as ever at Bakuriani amazing particularly on climb to summit.

This walk was at the beginning of July and no flocks with guard dogs were encountered, though the situation could be different at other times.

Approx - Actual walking - Distance 7.6 km
- Time 3hr 15min
- Stopped time 1hr 10min

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  • MichalBerg Jun 12, 2018

    Nice trail, we have gone it in reverse direction, and it took us 3 hours.

    On the way down (original directions) there are abandoned ski jumping facilities when approaching hotels.

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