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near Elimbah, Queensland (Australia)

This is not the normal way up Elimbah but i will explain how to go that way as well. Coming from Caboolture, take Beerburrum road and drive north, turn into Smith road, follow that and on the right turn into Old Gympie road, follow that for a short distance and you will see Two signs, one says Floodway, and the other says Road Subject to Flooding, Indicators Show Depth. On the right hand side of those signs is a small Car Park, Turn in there. From there go through the small entrance on the right hand side of the gate, follow the Fire trail a short distance and you'll see another trail on the right, if you follow that, that will take you to the top of Elimbah, just make sure you keep left as the Fire Trail goes off to the right and a small single track takes you to the top, it's not a hard track to hike up but be careful as some of the rocks underfoot are loose, in the wet the rocks are very slippery, take note of where you come out near the top, it's quite easy to forget where you need to go down on your return journey. To take the longer version of this hike, instead of turning right to go up the normal way, keep walking along the fire trail about 5 or so minutes, keep an eye out on the right hand side for a Barbed Wire Fence about 25 metres away, head towards that and turn right along the Fire Trail, a few hundred metres away it will head up hill, go down the other side just a bit and you will see an ever so faint trail, this is where the GPS track will come in handy, it will take you up along the ridge line, most of the time the track is visible, other times i had to look for it, specially when the track went over bare rock, other times the leaf littler covered the track completely. As long as your heading up you can't really get lost. Once on the top of Elimbah, look for a track just off to the left while facing towards the other Glass House Mountains, it heads towards a rocky outcrop below. before you get to the rocky outcrop the track down goes off to the left, this is really hard to see, this is another place the GPS Track will come in handy, once you find it, follow the track and you'll come back onto a Fire Trail, keep following this as it goes around to the right, a short distance along and the Fire Trail will go left and right, go left, that will take you back to your car 200 metres away.


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