13,061 ft
9,935 ft
5.49 mi

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near Lee Vining, California (United States)

The very steep hike up Mt. Dana. You climb 3,100' in 2.6 miles. The average grade is 23%, and after the intial flat section, it's 30% for almost 3,000 vertical feet. A good challenge.

Mt. Dana

13,053' above sea level.

Mt. Dana Trailhead

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  • Photo of Juanjo_P

    Juanjo_P Dec 16, 2017

    I would like to do this hike next Agoust (2018) . I like to know if is necesary a special pass or permit.
    And another peak 13,123 ft. (4000 mts. in europe) easy, only walk near Mono Lake and Bishop.

    Follow your adventures from Spain (Barcelona)
    Thank you very much.
    Juan Jose https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/mt-dana-197289/photo-1363939

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