6.35 mi

Elevation gain

3,750 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

3,635 ft

Max elevation

2,339 ft



Min elevation

937 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Mt Cougal
  • Photo of Mt Cougal
  • Photo of Mt Cougal


3 hours 22 minutes




September 21, 2010


February 2010
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2,339 ft
937 ft
6.35 mi

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near Tomewin, New South Wales (Australia)

Mt Cougal is the double peak mountain at the head of the Currumbin valley. This walk takes you to the Eastern peak of Mt Cougal from the Garden of Eden Rd.

1. Drive up Tomewin Rd from the Currumbin Valley
2. Cross the NSW border
3. About 1km after the border, turn right into Garden of Enden Rd. (Note – Google maps shows a road running along the border between Garden of Eden Rd and Tomewin. It doesn’t exist.)
4. Drive down Garden of Eden Rd for about 5km (~10mins). Dirt road, single track, 4wd not required.
5. You will reach a small “carpark”. You can’t go any further due to a locked gate and authorised vehicles only sign. Leave your car here. I don’t think there are any other track markings other than this.
6. Jump over the locked gate and immediately turn left and start walking up the hill. This fence line is the border and the walk hugs the fence line the whole way. Just keep the fence on your left for the whole walk out and you can’t go wrong.
7. Just before you reach the summit you will come to a rocky outcrop that blocks your way. Leave the fence line and head right and you’ll come to a little valley that you can walk up without too much hassle. You are at the top of Mt Cougal’s eastern peak in another 10mins or so.

We took 3.5hrs return of brisk walking and a couple of stops. It is quite overgrown in places and we were attacked by leeches as we did it after some rain so take precautions.

Well worth it.

Photos are
1) The carpark and gate
2) Looking back to the carpark from the start of the trail
3) View of the western peak from the eastern peak


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