5.28 mi

Elevation gain

413 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

2,461 ft

Max elevation

2,559 ft



Min elevation

377 ft

Trail type

One Way


8 hours 52 minutes




May 18, 2018


March 2015
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2,559 ft
377 ft
5.28 mi

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near Wog Wog, New South Wales (Australia)

This was the second day in a 3 day walk for 3 people. This takes you from the caves on Mt Cole down to Angel Creek and Crooked Falls and then down to Holland Gorge. The camp spot at the point where you re-meet Angel creek at the start of Holland Gorge is worth a trip on its own. This track then just follows the creeks down to the camp spot which is at the foot of the Folly Point/Watsons Pass route down to Holland Gorge. This was a day walk of about 11kms. No tracks here but pad down to Angel Creek from Mt Cole.


  • Mardern Jan 9, 2021

    Hi Robert
    I have walked from mt cold to Angel ck before the fires of 2020 and had no trouble locating the foot pad. But I tried to relocate it last month and failed. Lost the foot pad before the cliff line. I have downloaded your GPS co-ords. My question is, were you following the foot pad for these co-ords? I'm intending to return and try again in 2 weeks. I would be grateful for your input.
    Thanks mate. Mel. Mardern@

  • Photo of Robert Wildman

    Robert Wildman Jan 10, 2021

    Hi Marden, At the time I did the walk I was surprised that the pad was quite easy to follow and led slowly down to the big pools coming in from the side creek. Just past these was the spot where the pad dropped quite quickly into Angel Creek. I can't imagine this last section disappearing as it was very clear at the time I did it.
    To answer your question, the track I took and recorded was exactly along the old pad. So good luck in finding it on your next attempt.
    I've just looked at it closely again and the wikiloc track does not seem fine enough - well not as fine as my original GPX track but that may just be the way they show it on the screen. If you want to send your email address to me I can send you my original. My email is rwildman53@.
    Thanks, Rob

  • Mardern Jan 10, 2021

    Hi Robert
    Thanks so much for your reply.
    Yes, when I walked the pad before the fires, I found it so well defined that I didn't bother to take gps waypoints.

    But last month I lost it after about 300m, and didn't know what direction to look for it. Spent 4 hours looking near the unnamed creek, but ultimately had to turn back. Couldn't find the way around the cliff line.

    Looking at your route, I was trying to cross the unnamed creek way too high up.

    I downloaded your route which has 1500 or so data points, so on my Memory Maps it looks ok to me. But I would welcome the original.

    Thanks again Robert.
    Safe walking.

  • Mardern Jan 10, 2021

    At gmail. I don't know why wikiloc doesn't print that :)

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