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  • Photo of Mt Arthur (Wharepapa) return
  • Photo of Mt Arthur (Wharepapa) return
  • Photo of Mt Arthur (Wharepapa) return
  • Photo of Mt Arthur (Wharepapa) return
  • Photo of Mt Arthur (Wharepapa) return
  • Photo of Mt Arthur (Wharepapa) return

Time  6 hours 23 minutes

Coordinates 1635

Uploaded November 26, 2015

Recorded November 2015

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near Pokororo, Tasman (New Zealand)

Fantastic longer day walk - 4 hours to the summit and 3 return, so a full day required.
Starts at the Flora Car park entrance to the Kaharangi National park, follow the track for 600 meters and the Mt Arthur track branches off to the left. Keep on this well graded track all the way to the Mt Arthur Hut (1.5Hrs). The hut is on the bush line and the track is not graded after this.
You traverse the ridge following the blue poles, around Horseshoe basin to the base of Mt Arthur proper. Parts of the track are rough and require careful negotiation, there are several scree slides which need to be crossed.
Once you reach the top the 360 degree views are fantastic.
A good level of fitness is required if this walk is to be enjoyed and good foot wear is a must. Also be prepared for sudden changes in weather as you are exposed to cold weather coming in quickly from the south - even in summer!
Winter travel is for the experienced alpine climber as the area is prone to avalanche.

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    Port flora Oct 4, 2017

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    Great trail with interesting forest and lots of views. We turned back before the summit due to 60-70 kph winds and freezing temperatures (sunny and warm in the valley).

    Bring layers and be prepared for a change in the weather!

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