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near Alto, Virginia (United States)

Headed up to Mount Pleasant in southwest Virginia on the evening of Oct 24 to check out the foliage this year. I saw plenty of yellow leaves in the process of changing while others have already fallen. There weren’t too many red and orange yet. This lead to a generally muted, but still good foliage. I would guess the peak is still to come, but soon. For the hike itself, the double summit viewpoint on Mount Pleasant was great. Otherwise, the hike was mostly on easy former fire roads in the woods. I personally would recommend to hike this clockwise, the ridge is a nice view to start and you'll go up the steepest portion to Pompey Mountain.

Here is my writeup on the full details of the hike: https://travel2walk.com/2019/10/25/virginia-hikes-mount-pleasant-loop-october-24-2019/

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