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Recorded June 2019

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near Aïn es Sihha, Mont-Liban (Lebanon)

Mount kneisseh is a perfect hiking destination in all seasons. The hike started from the site of first lebanese flag with a long ascent till you reach a viewpoint with amazing views of Matn towns and artificial lakes. On your way to the summit, you will be having Bekaa valley on your right (east) and Mount lebanon on your left (west). After reaching the summit (Old TeleLiban canal 11 building), you can start the descent to the north towards Dahr el Harf. At some point (see waypoint), go to the left to start walking south on the lower trail. You will soon reach "Ain el Jawze" in Kfarselwan, a perfect lunch break under a beautiful "Jawze" tree. After reaching "Ain el rejmeh" in Falougha, continue on the LMT trail to the left before going back the starting point.
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