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near Mount Barney, Queensland (Australia)

I have done many day hikes and climbs. Wanting to do an overnight hike for a while. Decided on climb Mount Barney via southeast ridge and camp up at Rum Jungle.

As we began going up steep climb it becomes too much for my hiking partner with 12kg backpack. She offered me to go ahead and she’ll come back and pick me up next day. I won’t go by myself so it’s a no no. We aborted.
We probably pushing ourselves too much for our first overnight hike haha.

Since we already at Mount Barney National Park. We end up going on an easier trial to Lower Portals. It was a nice hike with some slightly short steep walk at some point. Getting used to the heavier weights on our back. Definitely will go down to lower portals when the weather warmer. How good would it be camping up near the rock pools and swim n chill with a nice cold beer ;)

Need to do some training hikes with heavier load backpack first before we try climbing Mount Barney again.


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