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near Javorina, Prešovský (Slovenská republika)

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One of the best known and most frequented routes in the Tatra Mountains National Park is that of Morskie Oko, a turquoise alpine lake surrounded by mountains.
The route begins in a huge car park and follows the old road to access the lake, so it has no loss
On the way we find the Mickiewicz Falls quite spectacular because of the large amount of water that falls.
It is an easy path to the lake where a signposted path allows a circular route and soak tired feet, although little time because the water is very cold.
It deserves an effort and ascend to the Czarny Staw, small lake surrounded by majestic peaks.
The lake lodge is a good place to regain strength and enjoy a great beer at a ridiculous price
The only negative note is the huge number of people who make the route every day and that force them to get up early since the lines to get there are kilometers and the parking lot is filled very soon.
We board a public bus from Zakopane € 2.4 per way.
The route is circular although it does not indicate it since the battery is over
In total they are 22.5 km.
Billete entrada al parque 2,4€ adultos y 1,2€ estudiantes
La cumbre más alta de los Tatras eslovacos 2654 m.
Estas carretas suben a los turistas hasta 2km antes del lago
Final de acceso en carretas
Descansando los pies
Cumbres que rodean al Lago: Rysy, Czarny y Wielki


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