Time  5 hours 57 minutes

Coordinates 1073

Uploaded October 13, 2015

Recorded October 2015

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near Eldon, Alberta (Canada)

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(Canadian Rockies) Route on 10/5/2015; 12 km; +900 -900; 5 hours. Excursion organized by the following itinerary: Morraine Lake, Láriz valley, Minnestimma Lake, Sentinel Pass. Participants: Anna, Esther, Josep i Miquel; guides: Ed and Hugo. Output type: round trip to the same point; Difficulty: easy (the unevenness is very well traced).

Today we start again from the front of Morraine Lake, in a foggy day. Lake Morraine is part of Lake Louise National Park of Banff and is one of the four that connects the park to the heart of the Canadian rocky mountains. On Morraine Lake, to the east, there are vertical hills known as Torre de Babel (2310m). It seems that it was Walter Wilcox who put this name on these vertical rocks as they remembered the biblical story that speaks of the tower that ascended into the sky. It is a very spectacular Quartzite rock due to its verticality and much used by climbers. Wilcox was one of the first explorers of the Canadian Rockies, especially centered in the Lake Louise region. Among the first ascents it has those of Mount Temple, Mount Aberdeen and Mount Niblock.

One of the signs, in which he explained to me today, shows the process of compression and folding of the rocky layers that formed the mountains that can be seen in the south. The great pressures from the western plates folded the old seabed that rose and formed the Rockies that, with the passage of time and erosion, have left the current landscape.

We started walking along the Larch Valley Trail, with views over the mountains of the bottom, to the south, where Mt Bowlen, Mt Tuzo and Mt Allen stand out. Recall that we are in the province of Alberta, bordering on British Columbia. Regarding the Top Bowlen ... ...

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1, Morraine Lake

1, Morraine Lake

2, Larch Valley Trail

2, Larch Valley Trail

3, Sentinel Pass

3, Sentinel Pass

4, Aresta ascens Mount Temple


  • Photo of dpando

    dpando Oct 27, 2015

    I have followed this trail  View more

    espectacular hike .. més encara pujar al temple

  • Photo of Miquel Garriga

    Miquel Garriga Oct 27, 2015

    Jajaja tens raó dpando... està alla mateix, però ja és una altra història.
    Gràcies per la valoració.
    Salut i muntanya!

  • Photo of dpando

    dpando Oct 29, 2015

    un pedregal rutal de sentinel cap amunt...pero molt maco molt molt

  • Photo of Grancanaria68

    Grancanaria68 Jun 19, 2019

    Preciosa ruta, espero hacerla pronto, si hay osos supongo que tendremos que unirnos a un grupo. Gracias por compartir

  • Photo of Miquel Garriga

    Miquel Garriga Jun 21, 2019

    Sí, muy guapa!
    Tened en cuenta que los rangers multan a grupos de menos de 4 personas (segun indican en algun rotulo). Y osos, haberlos haylos! En una de las excursiones encontramos en medio del camino una buena y enorme deposición aun humeante. Suponemos que nos oyó, dejó el obsequio y marchó.
    Al contrario que con el oso blanco (que se puede encontrar en Groenlandia) y que nos vé como un sabroso manjar, el grizly en cuanto oye gente tiende a marxar... però nos tiene que oir. Ataca (se defiende) cuando le sorprendemos y se asusta. Por ello se supone que un grup de cuatro o más hace el suficiente ruido.
    Así que felicidades; si vais serà una magnífica satisfacció para vosotros. Yo tengo un gran recuerdo de la Rocosas del Canadà.

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