3.13 mi

Elevation gain

1,309 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

1,309 ft

Max elevation

2,943 ft



Min elevation

1,804 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of Monte Terreiro da Luta
  • Photo of Monte Terreiro da Luta
  • Photo of Monte Terreiro da Luta
  • Photo of Monte Terreiro da Luta

Moving time

one hour 33 minutes


2 hours 45 minutes




September 24, 2021


September 2021
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2,943 ft
1,804 ft
3.13 mi

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near Nossa Senhora do Monte, Madeira (Portugal)

This is a circular tour from Monte to Terreiro da Luta.
For the most part, navigation is straightforward. However, after taking one of Madeira’s delightful alleyways, for want of a better word, I ended up on an open space with a choice of paths. Given a choice, my unerring instinct is always to take the wrong one. Fortunately, satnav came to my rescue and suggested an option I had not suspected was there.
This was a path, not a Madeiran alleyway, and led me up through the trees.
For this trek, I was not alone since I local dog took pity upon me and decided to show me the route, which was plain, but, unfortunately, uphill.
Reaching a cross-roads after the climb, the dog and I parted company and I carried on the road round to the right, passing a pub/cafe before reaching a chapel, which was my destination. Unfortunately, the chapel was closed but I could get a photo of a statue outside the chapel to the Virgin Mary.
I then retraced my footsteps back to the cross-roads and turned left here following a broad path downhill. This path is cobbled and stepped, though the steps are low, a bit like waves breaking on a beach. Along this path back to Monte, which seems to be the main route, there are various crosses.
Finally, I had to descend the alleyways back to Monte, arriving at the church there.
There’s obviously quite a lot of climbing to do and it was a shame that the chapel was not open when I got there. I don’t know how you check the opening times.
On a nice day, this is quite a pleasant trek if you’re visiting Monte and decide you want to stretch your legs.


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