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near Speziale, Puglia (Italia)

A beautiful walk through the hills and valley near Ostuni. The walk starts an intersection. Park on the small side road (that goes in the direction of the track). The hike starts with a gradual climb to the top of the hill. Once you are at the highest point, you have done most of the serious climbing. After walking around the hotel, you follow the ridge of the mountain and have the opportunity to log a geocache.

A bit later, the hike will bring you through a street with several Trulis in different states.

Much further, you'll get to the main asphalted road. You will need to follow this for a bit to continue the track, but usually there is almost no traffic on this road.

After passing the houses on the left hand side, you'll leave the main road and return to the green fields. Soon a gradual descent start to the old Church of San Biagio. Here you'll have the last views over the valley.

After the church, the view will change while you hike through the valley. There are a lot of olive trees in the valley, but there is more to see.

For the hike, you will need to pass several walls surrounding fields. But in all cases, they are easy to get over as they are low or there is a hole in the wall to pass through. Please don't go over full size walls as they may collapse.

After passing a masseria that has seen better days, you'll eventually get back to where you've started.

For the entire trip, you'll need to keep a good eye on the GPS. At many places, the track is not always visible or logical. Walking on the wrong side of a wall, may make your hike unnecessarily difficult.

(see the way points for some specific details)

We hope you'll enjoy this hike as much as we had putting it together.


The Start Point of the hike, but you can pick any other point if you prefer. I've just chosen this point as you will start with the climb, rather then doing that at the end of the walk.


Geocache Monte-Le-Fergole. See for details:


The End Point of the hike
Mountain hut

Old Masseria

Old Masseria that has seen better days. Next to the main building there are several trulis in pretty good state for a look inside.
Mountain hut

Masseria Spetterrata

One of the masserias you'll pass on the way.
Archaeological site

The Church of San Biagio

The origins of the rock church and the housing complex adjacent dates from the twelfth century.


  • JanJ, Assen Apr 21, 2013

    We did this walk at the end of April. Very nice walk. Thank you Gerard.

  • olivia.riera Sep 15, 2014

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Very beautiful and definitely recommended!! But you cannot get an eye off the GPS. As mentioned in the description, the walk is not always logical and often doesn't follow any path, you have to find your way around fields of olive trees.

  • Photo of naafets

    naafets Sep 13, 2018

    I have followed this trail  verified  View more

    The road is not marked. Very difficult to follow. Lukely there was wikiloc to help you.

  • TeoMoccia Mar 16, 2019

    I have followed this trail  View more


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