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5.33 mi

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near Las Fuentes, Canarias (España)

A walk in the Las Cañadas national park through some spectacular, volcanic scenery with stupendous views of Pico Viejo & Teide. The route initially follows sendero 18, a level but fairly rough path at the base of impressive cliffs before climbing onto the ridge and circling around Montaña del Cedro, the route then returns along Sendero 18 to the start point. There are one or two places on the climb onto the ridge where the path is a little narrow and may cause problems for anyone who is not comfortable with heights. There is limited parking at the Juan Evora museum, where the path starts. The museum, was the home of Juan Evora, the last person to live a traditional lifestyle in the national park and there are many traditional tools and artefacts on display.


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