Moving time  2 hours 43 minutes

Time  4 hours 16 minutes

Coordinates 1594

Uploaded July 29, 2019

Recorded July 2019

477 f
205 f
5.54 mi

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near Monknash, Wales (United Kingdom)

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Not dog friendly trail.
The first field barriers of the trail had passages for dogs. The first barrier over the cliffs on the coastpath was even provided with a movable board in the dog passage. The next "gate", however, could only exceed people. Getting over it with a 30 kg dog is very exhausting.
On the tour through the fields some waymarks had been removed, which is why you unfortunately only had the opportunity to follow the road.
Too bad. The area is fantastic.
Because of the dog, I have classified the tour as difficult. Without a dog or with a small dog, she posed no problem.


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