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near Polače, Dubrovačko-Neretvanska (Hrvatska)

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Beautiful walk starting with the climb to a point of view dominating the island, alternating passages in forest and panoramic paths on the interior of the island. No accommodation in Blato, go to Kozarica, restaurants, apartments and hotels by the sea. No mini market or distributor, plan accordingly.

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Suivre le panneau indiquant Montokuc.
Suivre la direction Montokuc et/ou Veliki Gradac.
Chemin d'accès à Montokuc.
Sommet de Montokuc.
Le chemin redescend de l'autre côté du sommet. Direction Sud.
Take the road that goes up, not the one that tells Soline who comes back to the bank of Veliko Jezero.
Prendre le sentier indiqué qui part à droite.
Otočić Utrnji Školj et Otočić Vanjski Školj
Keep going straight if you want to stay on the way. Look for a trail mark on the right to climb to one of the most beautiful views of the island. Do not venture into the woods without finding the mark of the beginning of the trail, you could lose yourself.
Ça monte un peu raid !
It climbs well, need to put hands on the rock. It's better to leave your big bag in the climb. I leave you the surprise of the view by not taking too many photos but it is beautiful! The descent is done by the way of rise.
Le sentier croise la route goudronnée.
To get to Blato, leave on the path that climbs right into the woods. To get to Kozarica, stay on the track where you are and join the paved main road just before Kozarica.
Ça grimpe
Arrivée au col.
Redescente du Col en direction de Blato.
Suivre la ligne électrique
Cable car house. To the left of the trail is a mark indicating the entrance to the path that goes into the tall grass. Do not continue on the main track. The entrance is just before the cable car on the other side of the track.
At the cable car, turn left into the scrub, where there is a red and white mark on a rock.
Arrivée à Blato.


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