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near Milford Sound, Southland (New Zealand)

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The second stage of the Milford Trail is the queen stage. The ascent to the Mackinnon Pass, prolonged but not with excessive slope, the wind and cold in the Paso, and the prolonged descent, which is continued after with an additional 5 km to visit the Sutherland waterfalls, make this a very long and certainly tired for people who do not have a good physical shape (without fanfare, is not for as much).
From the Pompolona refuge exit, a moderate climb begins until you reach Lake Mintaro, at the head of the Clinton Valley, and then reach the foot of the vertical wall that closes the valley to the north, and saved by multiple Loops drawn on the almost vertical wall of the mountain from that point, to finally reach the small lakes where the monument to Quintin MacKinnon is located. The ascent does not end here, as there is still more than 1 km (20-30 minutes, depending on the pace), to reach the MacKinnon Hut, where the refreshment stop was made. The views from this high area were really wonderful, including the appearance of a guest actor: a Kea (parrot variety at risk of extinction), which inhabits the highlands of Fiorland and Westland, and which certainly did not feel threatened at all by the crowd that came to accumulate in the area.
The descent to the Arthur Valley, long, takes advantage of the rock wall of a glacial cirque located behind the Mackinnon Hut, to go down in a long detour to the valley. From the area where we entered again into the forest we witnessed an amazing, and beautiful, succession of waterfalls, in which wooden platforms had often been established to facilitate their vision. At a certain point, a sign warned us that we had opposite the first view of the Sutherland waterfalls (far away, at the bottom of the valley). Although we had already decided to go to the Sutherland waterfalls, the succession of waterfalls that we saw in this part of the road was an additional stimulus to not stop going to see them even though it started to rain. When, after leaving the backpacks in the Quintín Hut, we headed for the Sutherlands we found that its height (580 meters) and flow created one of the most extraordinary landscapes of the itinerary, totally worth visiting.
The route, at all times conditioned to offer the greatest security, was really beautiful, but we began to notice very often the presence of undesirable guests: mosquitoes. Although the repellents seemed to do their job well in some walkers, others noticed their attacks almost continuously.
An excellent dinner (the food in the huts where we stayed was exceptionally good: the food is brought by helicopter to ensure freshness and the chefs know their trade, the wine is not very varied but the quality is high, and the water is the more natural that can probably be obtained) put an end to a magnificent day. The whole track was excellent, but this day would have been enough to justify the trip.


  • Photo of manuelruizapatero

    manuelruizapatero Feb 11, 2018

    Etapa montañera, con subida de casi 1000 mts, día maravilloso y las cataratas de Shuterland impresionantes.....

  • Photo of manuelruizapatero

    manuelruizapatero Mar 10, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Etapa montañera, con subida de casi 1000 mts, día maravilloso y las cataratas de Shuterland impresionantes.....

  • César Argilés Jun 10, 2018

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Tienes las piernas castigadas de los días anteriores.
    Paciencia y y seguir a tu ritmo.
    Disfrutar de rios, bosques....

  • javeadeverano Oct 23, 2018

    Maravillosas cascadas y paisajes de montaña

  • luis.perecruz Mar 21, 2019

    Impresionante continuación.

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